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Monday, December 04, 2006

Paternity Leave

Jennifer Sabatini Fraone of the Boston College Center for Work & Family sent me an interesting publication on paternity leave. The good news, according to the center's briefing, is that more employers are making paternity leave available. (Employers list the need to be competitive as the number one reason they offer the benefit). If fathers are reluctant to take time off after their wife gives birth, here are some reasons to reconsider:
*Children with fathers who are actively involved during the first eight weeks of life, manage stress better during their school years.
* Greater paternal involvement with five-month-old infants has been positively correlated with greater social responsiveness and higher scores on infant development scales
*Fathers who spent time alone with their infants more than twice a week were found to raise more compassionate adults.
The Boston center highlights Sweden for its policies in parental leave; Swedish couples share 13 months of parental leave between them with the State paying 80 percent of lost wages per month. For more information see the centers website at


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