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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tips for working the room

The holiday season can get tricky for many of us who struggle to find work/life balance. Every year, I choose two business holiday parties to attend. I squeeze those in with family and personal holiday celebrations. Today I read an e-mail from law firm marketing guru John Remson with 100 tips for working the room. If you are going to spend the time attending business-related holiday parties, you might as well make the most of them. These are a few of the tips I found useful. If you want the full list, click here.
Before you go to the event:
1. Think about who will be attending. Who do you want to meet? Who can you introduce to whom? 2. Practice a self-introduction. Think about what you will say when asked, “What do you do?”3. Bring a stack of business cards 4. Have some topics to talk about.
At the event:
1.Wear your name tag. 2. Avoid complaining. 3.Focus on introductions and relationships, not selling. 4.Resist interrupting. 5. Spend 95 percent of time asking questions about the other person 6. Ask for business cards. 7 .Don’t be afraid to say, “Excuse me—I see someone I need to say hello to.”
Happy Networking!


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