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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Balancing work and caregiving

Are you caring for an elderly relative, while celebrating the holidays and maybe even squeezing in holiday travel?
Carla Albano, executive administrator of Alternative Home Health Care in Fort Lauderdale, a provider of in-home care for the elderly, has some tips.
*Be organized. Make sure your loved ones and their caregivers know your travel plans and how to reach you.
* Be flexible. Make sure that travel plans are flexible to accommodate unexpected situations.
* Always think about health. Be careful when taking elderly loved ones around young children, especially if the children are sick.
* Be careful about unusual foods and alcohol. They could interact with your loved ones medications. You want to avoid the emergency room during the holidays.
* Be realistic about the emotional needs of your elderly loved one. Grief can become compounded during the holidays.
* Be prepared if your loved one reacts to a deviation from his or her schedule.
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