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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Work: the extreme sport!

For many, work is the ultimate extreme sport, according to Sylvia Ann Hewlett, CEO of the Center for Work-Life Policy. People who hold these jobs travel the globe, work around the clock or regularly rack up a 70-hour work week. In the December issue of the Harvard Business Review, Hewlett says 1.7 million Americans hold extreme jobs. They are all over the economy. Hewlett says they are prompted by a convergence of technology and Type A personalities.
This is the price tag or personal cost: Nearly 60 percent of extreme workers believe that their career undermines their relationship with their children. And, 50 percent say their work interferes with their sex life.
Hewlett says few women hold extreme jobs because they can't pony up the 70-hour workweeks.
"How long can we sustain this souped-up version of the American dream?'' Hewlett asks. "Our research captures the allure of these jobs, many of which are to die for. But extreme jobs come with extreme risk to individuals and corporations."
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