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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Scheduling a "day in"

Between working as a mom and a journalist, my struggle is how to get to the mundane things, those unfinished chores that create chaos in my life. This weekend, I took the advice of Diane Hatcher of Time-Savers Professional Organizing Services( I scheduled a "day in" for myself.
I spent Sunday catching up on laundry, cleaning my garage, weeding my garden, and figuring out my meal menu for the week. I never left my home and it felt great.
"You don't have time to get organized if you are never home,'' Hatcher says. "You have control over that."
We also have control over priorities. This is where some of us go wrong, Hatcher says. Most people assume that "prioritize" means doing the most important things first. But Hatcher says it is more about determining what you need to do, have to do and want to do each day.
So, I made the mundane chores a priority this weekend. I wanted and needed to clean my garage, the room I enter and exit my home through each day. Now, it's my gateway to a more organized existence.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I tell people I have "plans" so I can stay home and be quiet with my husband and family. That's how I schedule family time. Some of those nights in all we do is watch TV and chill. You schedule a vacation. Why can't you schedule downtime?

3:28 PM  
Anonymous Mr. Organized Garage said...

That's exactly what I do, but sometimes I think they realize what I'm doing....

8:28 PM  

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