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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Florida has great places to work

Want a few bucks to help out in an emergency? Or would you prefer some stock in your company? Maybe you should land at job at one of Florida's Best Places to Work. Four Florida companies landed on Fortune Magazine's 2007 list of Best Places to Work. Companies that grabbed a spot this year are JM Family Enterprises of Deerfield Beach at #41; Baptist Health Care of Pensacola at #54, Publix Super Markets of Lakeland at #57; Baptist Health South Florida at #81;
If you think landing on this list is no big deal, you're mistaken. It's a huge recruiting tool but its even more important for the employees who work at these companies.
I spoke with one employee at JM Family Enterprises and he told me just how important a good work environment can be. Rob Steinberg, a 29-year-old information technology professional at JM Family Enterprises in Deerfield Beach, can get his hair cut, his suit dry cleaned, and visit a doctor without leaving his workplace. While his digs the benefits and people-oriented work environment, he also enjoys having the most updated tools to do his job. And that pays off for an employer, too.
"It makes me want to work above and beyond what's expected," Steinberg says.


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