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Monday, February 12, 2007

While the TV crews congregated outside the Hark Rock Hotel on Friday, inside this reporter discovered more relevant news than the death of Anna Nicole Smith: Women are losing ground in Florida business. And, no one knows why.
Cindy Kushner, a partner at KPMG public accounting firm, told an audience of the top names in Florida business that fewer women than ever hold the highest paying jobs at Florida public companies. This info comes from a survey by Women Executive Leadership.
Why do fewer women hold positions in the executive suites in our state? Are they opting out because they can't balance work and a personal life?
Evelyn D'An of Women Executive Leadership, ventures this guess: Some women are starting their own companies, while some are choosing to lead a company division rather than move to the corporate executive suite. I would love to see this issue studied further.
The good news is that more women hold board seats at Florida's largest public companies. Evelyn Follit, a former senior vice president of Radio Shack, sits on the boards of Florida's Winn-Dixie and Catalina Marketing.
Follit thinks the tide will turn and we will see more gender diversity at top levels of management. Her reasons: Boomer-age executives are retiring and companies will consider women who have the right expertise. Do you agree?
For the full Miami Herald article, click here. To see the complete survey go to


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