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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Couple aims for better balance

Chris Rago, 38, found himself planning a wedding and honeymoon, job hunting, combining households with his fiance and writing thank you notes for the gifts that arrive each day. Just job hunting alone is a full time job, even for an experienced marketing executive. Rago shouted out for help bringing more balance to his life and The Miami Herald came to his rescue. The photos show Rago taking tips from time management guru Leo Tonkin of Distinction Inc. He also received advice from Jeremie Barbar of ClutterBusters of the Palm Beaches and Albert Gutierrez of 1800GotJunk. All three experts donated their services to the winner of the newspaper's Balance Makeover contest.
With the help of our experts, Rago cleared his home of clutter and set up a system to schedule his time and daily tasks. Rago says the process was mentally and physically exhausting but he's thrilled with the end result. He actually purged a full bag of garbage and feels more productive in his office.
His fiance, Alexis Skigen was in New York on business when this process took place. I spoke to her before she had a chance to see her new clutter-free home office/guest room. It was eye-opening just how much clutter can affect people.
"With my current job, I'm traveling to New York every week,'' Skigen told me. "When I come home it's stressful because I'm surrounded by clutter. I make tea and go in living room to relax, but I pass by the dining room and the table is covered in papers, the couch is covered in laundry, the office is cluttered with magazines. There is no space to relax in.''
Skigen says Rago e-mailed her a photo of the de-cluttered office and she's excited to go home: "I'm so looking forward to going into the office and doing last minute wedding stuff. Now we just need to maintain it."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay Chris. Your place looks great--thanks to Clutterbusters. And, thanks for cleaning our guest room. Was that my pen you threw away?
Julie (& Tessa)

9:39 PM  

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