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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Open the door to the executive suite

Are we tired of fighting our way to the top? Why aren't more women making it to the executive suite? The number of women in the executive suite at large public companies in Florida declined in the last year. Theories abound about why.
Ironically, Roger Krause of Spherion Corp. has something to say on the subject. Krause took the top job of CEO at Spherion when Cinda Hallman became ill. Hallman was one of a handful of women in Florida heading a Fortune 500 company. Spherion currently has no women in its executive suite.
But Krause says he's committed to bringing them in -- over time. Krause has told me his company has strengthened the pipeline to the executive suite by developing more women into executive vice president and managerial positions. To its credit, Spherion went from having no women directors in 2004 to adding two in 2006. Krause is going to speak on the topic next week in Fort Lauderdale at the July meeting of Women Executive Leadership. REGISTER NOW:


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