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Monday, June 25, 2007

What workers care about

While it is no surprise that employees care about their pay and benefits, a new 2007 survey by SHRM shows some real gender differences in what else they care about.
Male employees listed health care/medical benefits as the top aspect most important to their job satisfaction, while female employees (particularly those who work for small businesses and those older than 56) identified feeling safe in the work environment as the most important factor.
In 2006, compensation/pay topped the list for both males and females.
Despite all the complaining I hear, most people are satisfied with their jobs (8 out of 10). Another interesting finding: HR professionals typically place a higher priority than workers do on relational aspects of a job, such as how an employee works with his or her immediate supervisor. That surprises me. I have always found people who like their boss, like their job.
Society of Human Resource Management has conducted the survey since 2002 to reveal satisfaction in the workplace from the perspectives of both employees and HR professionals. To see the full 2007 report, click here.


Anonymous David at said...


I cannot dispute the SHRM survey result.

What I can say is that, although men and women may care about different things when it comes to job satisfaction, we're experiencing a "gender convergence", or a meeting of the minds, when it comes to what men and women desire in their lives.

With regard to work-family balance, men and women both are looking for happiness and fulfillment, and one of the things that they value most deeply that gives them happiness and fulfillment is time spent with family.

What's changing is their equal willingness to affect meaningful and sustainable change to achieve those things.

9:01 PM  

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