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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Do CEOs make lousy dads?

Do CEOs make lousy dads (and moms)?
The author of a new book on CEO dads , Tom Stern, thinks so, and tells Fortune's Anne Fisher how to become a better one. One step: Don't text clients from Disneyland!
On power, Stern says: "At work, everything is quantifiable. But with your family, you can't measure and control things. And then there's pure ego, the need for power and recognition. Work is the place to get those things, so work becomes all-important."

Do you think high-powered executives make lousy parents?


Anonymous sakthi said...

I think Stern is right,at least for in my case..I'm spending nearly 14 hours in the office,which is badly affected my relationship with my family members..Nowadays they start complaining that,I'm running behind the money...
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1:14 PM  
Anonymous Debra Helwig said...

When you're a CEO, the company/job literally becomes an additional child, the "shadow sister" or "shadow brother" sucking time and energy out of family life. Some execs are better at managing this drain than others - but I think for everyone, it's a drain.

3:24 PM  

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