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Friday, June 01, 2007

No to paternity leave?

Who knew? More than half of dads say they would not take paternity leave if it was offered to them. Here are their reasons why, according to a survey by Adecco.
o “I can’t afford it” (46%)
o “I would fear that it would harm my career” (31%)
o “My co-workers and/or clients depend on me too much for me to be away for an extended period of time” (28%)
o “I’m too busy at work to be away for an extended period of time” (28%)

Yet, Adecco's survey found that 70 percent of Dads think that being a father also makes them a better employee.

"Fathers probably face more pressure to stay on the job than mothers do when a baby comes along,” says Bernadette Kenny, chief career officer, Adecco USA. “Now it’s the employers’ turn to do a better job of implementing benefits and policies that allow for Dads to achieve sustainable work-life balance.”


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