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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Angelina Jolie opting out?

Angeline Jolie says she plans to take a year off from filmmaking to spend more time with her children. (read more here) My thoughts: It's about time.
I am all for working mothers. But Jolie has been collecting children from around the world while keeping up a work schedule that takes her away from home for months at a time. Is that really fair to a child who is trying to adapt to an entirely new language and family life? The nation has idolized Jolie for adopting but we've never questioned her about raising these children.
Clearly, she isn't working for the money. I can't fault her for wanting a career. But is there any balance when you are away filming in exotic places for months at a time. Her kids need more attention than most and filmmaking doesn't allow you to be there to run a child to the pediatrician if he spikes a fever.
For now, Jolie is in Cannes to promote a new movie. She says she will take two months off, work for two months, then take a year off. It will be interesting to see if she sticks her plan to "opt out" for a year and whether that decision affects her career. I'll be watching, and keeping you up to date.


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