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Friday, May 11, 2007

Passion helps with balance

Want to look professional but can't afford the wardrobe? Meet Nicole Wild, a working mother who runs Chapter 2, a store in Miami's Overtown for people who don't have money to buy work clothes but do have the drive to become financially self-sufficient.
Wild, mother of 18-month old Isabella, says passion makes it easier to balance work and family. "When my daughter was first born, I relied on a neighbor who was a school student." When the neighbor couldn't help, Wild brought Isabella with her to work. Now, the additional demands of travel have prompted her to hire a nanny. But she enjoys helping women.
Wild dreams big as Executive Director of The Women’s Alliance in Miami, which helps women transition from welfare and poverty to the workforce. She even has created monthly education seminars.
It's a personal mission. Wild is the first person in her family to finish high school. Born in Australia, Wild overcame hardship, child abuse, and the loss of her mother to cancer. "Everything I do is to honor my mother," she says.


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