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Monday, May 07, 2007

Do flex hours cause resentment?

A new study confirms what I've been suspicious about all along: there's some resentment toward workers with flexible schedules.
Adecco , a workplace research and staffing company, has teamed up with Harris Interactive to ask American workers their views on working moms.
The results aren't pretty: Most people don't feel working moms have more flexibility in the workplace.
Yet, those moms who do create some hostility. About two-thirds of men age 35-44 say that working moms' flex hours cause some resentment among coworkers. Of course, working moms don't understand why: 44% of moms who work say that flex time helps them be more productive.
As a part-time workers with a flexible schedule, I've seen the glares when I leave well before dark. Who can blame workers putting in long hours for resenting anyone who isn't doing the same. But what they fail to see is that working moms on flex schedules usually earn less, have fewer benefits and are more loyal.
Bernadette Kenny of Adecco sums it up well: "Today, workplaces are more sensitive to the needs of working moms but there is room for improvement.”


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