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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Working and raising a special needs child

What are the real challenges faced by working parents of children with special needs? This is an important question given the statistics - one in five households includes a child with special needs.
According to an article by Linda Roundtree, of Roundtree Consulting, a guest blogger for, the big challenge is the complexity of work and life arrangements. Roundtree writes: "I’ve changed jobs, teleworked from hospital rooms, turned down a promotion, curtailed travel, shifted work hours daily, and started my own business – all in the pursuit of finding the best work and life fit. "
She highlights one study that found 48% of parents had to quit work altogether to care for a child with special needs and 27% of parents had their employment terminated because of work disruptions due to care responsibilities. Roundtree says there are plenty of simple things employers can do to help. Click here to read them.


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