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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Launching a product and juggling family

Launching a product, keeping a family financially afloat and raising children might seem overwhelming. But two South Florida couples figured out how to make it work by using a tag-team approach.

Michal Chesal was working as a day trader when she gave birth to her first child in 1999. In trying to carry around her son, who had Down Syndrome and low muscle tone she couldn't find a baby carrier that had the features she wanted. Just three blocks away in Hollywood, Florida, Aviva Wernick would later experience similar issues with her infant son. The couples teamed up to develop a unique baby carrier.

"The 3 A.M. phone calls to our manufactures in China, and our late night meetings after the kids were all in bed paid off,'' says Michal. Two years later, the couples brought the Baby K'tan Baby Carrier to market. Baby Ktan is a soft carrier that is a cross between a sling and more structured baby carrier and sells in local retail stores and on
Brian Chesal and Aviva Wernick continue their careers in aerospace and law, earning steady income. Michal Chesal and Isaac Wernick run the daily duties of Baby K'tan. The four alternate watching their combined six children and developing new designs, reaching out to vendors and manufacturers, filling orders and preparing for trade shows.

"It's a lot more hectic than we thought but we are learning every day," Michal says. "Sometimes we work through the night or on weekends, and we trade off watching the kids. It works.''
(Pictured below: the Wernicks and the Chesals, and their Baby K'tan carriers)


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