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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Would you sign a love contract?

Last night, I was watching Boston Legal when one of the character's comments really made me think about how tough it must be to be single and overworked. Brad, a partner at the fictitious law firm, threatened to sue for wrongful termination because he refused to sign a love contract—more commonly known as a consensual relationship agreement. It seems some companies are beginning to ask employees to sign love contracts when they become romantically involved with another employee ( to prevent harassment suits).
"I'm lonely,'' Brad told his senior partners. He said working 60 hours a week, leaves him little time to meet someone. It was his explanation of why he turned to a co-worker for romance.
I believe attitudes are changing about office romance. While most would agree that relationships between employees at different levels of the company can be a bad career move, people seem to be becoming more tolerant of coworkers shacking up. Still, are love contracts necessary? Would you sign one?


Anonymous said...

For starters how does Brad work 60hrs a week. what 8-8 on weekdays? In a law firm? Really?

Anyway, that was on of Mark Valley's greatest performances. Alan usually gets all the lines.

About the question, i wld sign a love contract. It is irresponsible that if i have a problem with my ex i bring up sexual harrassment claims and cause discomfort with my collegues 'cause everytime they see me they'd be thinking about how much i legally "embezzled".

I wont like the idea that the company doesnt trust my character well enough. But since everyone every other company is doing it, i wont take it personally.

my 2 cents

1:20 PM  
Blogger tpow said... - You think lawyers come in when the office opens, and go home at 5pm? Get real. Get a real job, you don't work 40 hours.

I'm being asked to sign a love contract. The relationship isn't romantic, so I'm telling them to shove it.

5:26 PM  

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