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Monday, April 16, 2007

Ultimate Day of Balance

What an amazing turnout at the Ultimate Day of Balance conference sponsored by the Work-Life Balance Institute last week! About 1,100 women from South Florida attended, which shows the tremendous interest in this subject. I moderated a panel of six fascinating businesswomen and tossed them questions such as, "What's the best advice you've received in both business and your personal life?"
Susan Towler of The Blue Foundation for a Healthy Florida shared this advice from her mom: "I ask myself, is it going to matter 20 years from now? That really grounds me in the decisions I make."
Belinda Keiser of Keiser University answered: "Never look at the odds and believe in the power of your dreams."
I also asked the panel whether they feel the quest for balance gets easier or more challenging as they age?"
Debi Davis of Fit America MD said: "I think it gets easier as we get older. We get tired and that does make a difference." For more on the conference, read my article in The Miami Herald on Wednesday and/or visit


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