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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A promotion is more stressful than divorce

Are there support groups for the newly promoted? Maybe there should be, according to a recent survey of nearly 400 US leaders. These leaders rated a promotion as more stressful than divorce and bereavement--two life challenges that warrant therapy.

What's so stressful about climbing the corporate ladder?
The survey conducted by DDI, a global human resources consulting firm,
found the stress comes from having the challenges of work permeate every part of your life. As employees move farther up the corporate ladder, the more likely leaders were to report an impact on their personal lives.

Also stressful: the transition. Forty percent of US leaders said that their company provides little support during a leadership transition.
Matt Paese, DDI’s Vice President of Succession Management says: "The biggest mistake that a leader can make is to isolate themselves and try to figure it out alone, instead of relying on the network of people around them." To read the full report, go to


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