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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Trapped in a Part-Time World

Are you trapped in a part-time world? Who knew that 60 percent of women (and 2/3 of men) who work part time in South Florida aren't doing it by choice!
I've become accustomed to thinking part time work is coveted by women who want work/life balance. But I have since learned through research analysis by Emily Eisenhauer of FIU's Center for Labor Research and Studies that there's a huge pool of part time workers desperate for more work hours. (Read my Miami Herald article). The median income for part time workers is $10,000. These days, who could support themselves on that? Is it lack of education or training or employers just trying to save money?
Here's a response letter from Lorraine Brennan O’Neil, CEO of 10 Minute Manicure: "I am a small business owner who has tried for months to find good full time help. We hire licensed nail technicians for full time employment and offer benefits. We have found it very hard to hire reliable women who want benefits and really want to work. We have run into this problem not only locally, but all across the country. Check out our employment opportunities at
Let me know your thoughts on part-time workers.


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