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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Trying to look busy at work

With all of the end-of-school year hoopla, I'm beat. And, I'm pretty sure I 'm not alone. Whether it’s because you’re easily distracted, unmotivated or just need to take a break from chaos, there comes a point in the day when the work you’re being paid to do must be put aside for a less-stressful activity -- like relaxing or chatting.
But because you don’t always want to announce your not-so-honorable actions to your coworkers or boss, you also need to create the appearance, that you’re actually quite busy. So how do you do it?

The Monster Blog recently asked visitors to submit their creative ways to look busy at work. A few of the best:

· Never, ever walk anywhere without carrying a file folder. Keep at least one sheet inside it; in a pinch, scribble a note on it, and mumble, “Must not forget that.”
· If you like to arrive late in the morning, leave a cup of coffee and a bakery bag on your desk the night before, and keep your computer on. Everyone will think you're there already.
· ALWAYS carry a work-related paper or item in your hand, and have your work-related question or statement ready to execute at a second's notice when shooting the breeze with a coworker. When you detect “management,” switch smoothly to these work-related questions and responses.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was funny because I always see people zooming from one place to another with a piece of paper but never see any proof of actual work!!!

I must try this.

10:14 AM  

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