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Monday, June 04, 2007

Summer casual, not by choice

I am at work today trying to look professional with my beach shoes on, specks of sand and all. This was not an intentional statement of summer casual. In trying to adapt to my new summer routine, getting the kids to various camps and to work on time, I put my beach shoes on to walk the dog and forgot to change. My only consolation today is a conversation I had with another working mom a few years ago.
I remember interviewing the general counsel of IBM/Latin America some years ago, a mother of three. She told me a story about hurting her leg over the weekend, getting caught up in getting her kids to school Monday morning, then limping onto a flight for work. When she finally sat down on the plane, she realized it wasn't her leg that was the problem. Beneath her pin-striped slacks, she had one high-heel and one flat. In this balancing act of work and family, mistakes happen to the best of us, right?


Blogger Coach Morgan said...

I can totally relate! I remember one busy morning when I was trying to figure out which shoes looked best with my dress and put on one blue and one black. In the flurry of activity getting ready for work and my daughters off to school, I forgot about my shoes until I was walking into my office and happened to look down. What a funny feeling!

It's true, mistakes happen to the best of us in the work/life balancing act.

Pat Morgan
Business & Life Coach

10:49 AM  

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