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Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Perfect Memory Storm

If someone tells me something I want to remember, I MUST write it down immediately. My memory is horrible! But I'm feeling much better about that today because I have discovered, I'm not alone in my memory challenges.
Here's what is happening:
  • Business information is doubling every three years, and at some companies, it doubles every year.
  • Most of us have an increasing desire to learn and know more.
  • Add to these trends, the increasing complexity of our machines, like PDAs, computers, and cell phones. That increasing complexity means that we have to remember more, just to operate these "indispensable" devices.
  • We experience more distractions than ever before with more info coming at us faster, inhibiting our ability to concentrate.

According to the experts at The Herman Group, this non-stop exposure hinders our ability to retain the facts and information that we crave. We tax our memories beyond their capabilities. This overtaxing is not only a problem for the Baby Boomers, but people of all ages. According to the Natural Marketing Institute, close to Philadelphia, "nearly three-quarters of consumers are currently using supplements, foods, or beverages to prevent memory problems". To read more, view the entire report by clicking here.


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