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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Separating hype from reality

Are we to believe lawyers have no work/life balance? The National Law Journal posed this question to lawyers across the country: How do you separate hype from reality as a summer associate?"
Adam Anderson of Beus Gilbert in Scottsdale, Ariz. advises: "Enjoy it. You are about to exchange free time, any interest you had in a personal life and your soul for a lot of money."
He suggests summer associates cut through the hype and walk around the offices during the off-hours and weekends. "Find out how many of those associates are lying about the lifestyle aspect of the firm."
Tracey Batt of Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts suggests pouncing on a junior associate who is wearing a rumpled version of the previous day's outfit and ask the tough questions: "How many all-nighters have you pulled? How many concert tickets have you had to sell at the last minute?"
Says Batt: "You will receive honest answers whether you really wanted them or not."


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