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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Are we good parents?

So you think you're a good parent. How would you rank yourself -- on a scale of 1 to 10?
As part of a Pew Research study released Thursday researchers asked parents to rate how good a job they are doing. The outcome: We've decided we're pretty good at raising our kids.
The women who are hardest on themselves are full-time working moms. (Would you expect any different?) Just 10 percent of mothers working full -time give themselves the highest rating(10) and 18 percent give themselves the next highest mark(9).
At-home moms give themselves much higher scores: nearly three-in-ten(28 percent) give themselves the highest mark(10) and another 15 percent put themselves at 9.
I found it slightly surprising though that mothers see themselves in a better light than fathers. Just 26 percent of dads give themselves one of the two highest marks -- most put themselves at a 7 or 8. Why is this? Dads let me hear from you.


Anonymous David B. Bohl at said...


I read the question in the Pew Research Survey to make sure I'd get this right. It asked: "How good a job do you feel you've done so far as a parent?"

The key words here are "so far."

Because I spent a period earlier in my life where my work-life balance was tipped almost entirely towards the work side of that formula, I've had a lot of making up to do since then. Fortunately, I was able to snap out of that mode and consider what mattered the most to me in life. I've found a way to be a part of my family's life again.

I think many men who were brainwashed with the idea that if we just work hard enough and long enough our lives will turn out fine – eventually – and it will all be worth it in the end are in the same boat.

Some of us have found a way to live fully today instead of always postponing things until tomorrow, but others are still struggling with that. I think this may explain why Dads generally don't give themselves the highest marks.

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