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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Highlights of the Work/Life Balance Conference

Yesterday, I had the good fortune to attend the 4th Annual Work-Life Balance Conference for Businesswomen. The best part of the conference was the audience -- 1,500 super-enthused women, eager to network and soak in some inspiration. I plan to write about the conference and its messages in detail in my upcoming column in The Miami Herald.

But I wanted to share some highlights. Paralympic medalist Bonnie St. John told us an inspirating story about falling down on the slope during a run for the gold medal. With the world looking on, she got up and finished the race. She finished third and won a bronze medal. The gold went to a woman who also had fallen. The difference: the gold medalist had gotten up faster. Her message: Everyone falls, winners are the ones who get up the fastest.

Naomi Judd shared a powerful message, too. She's had a hard life as a single mother at a very young age. She says change is inevitable. It's how you react that makes a difference. She defines change this way: Choose Having A New Growth Experience. Now that's a working mother I admire!


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