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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spring Break dilemma

I remember my first year out of college, when my younger friends came home for Spring Break. There I was in my new job, with no vacation time in sight. What a dose of reality!

As a mother, Spring Break brought a new dilemma - what to do with my kids. For workers who get little or no vacation, taking a week off in Spring can be difficult. I have tried many options -- babysitters, bringing them to work with me, shipping them to friend's home, working from home. At one point, my company had Spring Break camp at the office for working parents. No more.

At some point, I gave up. It became too expensive and too complicated. I now take the week off. As this year's break neared, I had many conversations with other parents, struggling to figure out how to give their kids a break while holding their job.

I figure as long as I'm taking off work, I want to spend the week doing nothing. NOTHING! Spending the entire day in my pjs with my kids in theirs. My hubby wants to go to Disney for a few days. It's all still in negotiation but I'm stocking up on pjs.

Read to hear how others are juggling Spring Break and work schedules. Working parents, how are you handling Spring Break? Are any of you lucky enough to be able to take the week off, too? What does your fantasy Spring Break look like?


Anonymous Elizabeth said...

I'm lucky that my husband is a teacher, and he's off, too.

However, it means that he and the kids go places I don't get to go.

I try to take a day or two off, but I need my time more for the summer or when someone's sick.

3:14 PM  
Blogger Tom Eng said...

As a technology manager, I know I face this problem and so do my staff.

Also, the IT workplace has changed a lot in the past 10 years. It's infinitely more demanding now. I've discovered that many company employees put the stress upon themselves. They acutally feel guilty about taking time off. In my group, I've made sure there's no guilt for taking time off.

Tom Eng

12:59 PM  

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