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Thursday, March 20, 2008

What women a car shares "What women want in a car."

While it's not surprising that women want different things than men, I would bet money that working mothers want really different things. In my case, my SUV is telling of my lifestyle. On any given day, there's my work tote, a Starbuck's cup, magazines waiting to be read, dirty soccer socks and a dog leash. Between commuting and chauffeuring kids, if I ever sat down and added it up, I actually may spend more time in my car than in my bed.

Ford's Sheryl Connelly says, "Women want the same things as men, but they want more. For example, they want performance, package and design, but they also want safety and more features. We are taking that into consideration in all of our new products."

I have confessed to my hubby on numerous occasions that my car is what suffers from my attempts at a balancing act. There are explained dents, dings and scratches as well as unexplained carpet stains as I dash from place to place. Yes, I want more in my car than a man would want. I want rubber bumpers all the way around, lots of cup holders and storage, hands-free talking devices (for those calls on the road), scratch free paint and a garbage can. Of course, I need the DVD player, too. And did I mention a huge gas tank that burns through gas VERY slowly. I also want my vehicle built extra-tough for safety.

I agree completely with Liz Pilibosian, chief engineer for the 2008 Cadillac CTS, who said she believes "when you make a car for a woman, you are going to satisfy everybody." So, women do you agree with Liz?


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