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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Who has time to shop around?

I heard an ad for Verzion Wireless on the radio this morning. The company is offering great deals on cell phones. My Sprint contract almost is up. So, I scribble call Verizon and Sprint on my to-do list. Also, my DSL line at home gets constant interruptions. Someone suggested I switch to Comcast and told me they are offering a six-month special price. I scribble call Comcast on my to-do list. Wow, shopping for good deals is awfully time consuming.

As most of us feel the economic pinch, comparison shopping makes sense. I'm sure I could be saving lots of money if I made the time investment. Any cell phone user knows a call to one or both of these providers could take an hour's time (on a good day, with minimal hold time) .

My latest fixation is wondering when people find the time to make personal phone calls. Perhaps some people have a phone call routine. As a working mom, when I'm at work, it's all about work. When I'm at home, it's all about the kids. Am I crazy to rely on commute time for tedious phone calls?


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