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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Have you had a Pokemon moment?

Argh!!!! At six a.m. this morning, my 6-year-old woke me up to play Pokemon cards with him. I was furious. I love sleeping late on Sundays. I quickly rolled out of bed so he didn't wake the whole house but I wasn't happy about it -- at all. And I let him know it.

Reluctantly, I sat down and played with him, just the two of us while the rest of my family, neighbors and fortunate people in town were sleeping. As we were playing this ridiculous card game, he looked at me with such joy and chatted about the cards with such enthusiasm that I began looking at the situation much differently. I call it, "my Pokemon moment." I realized it was just the kind of time together I need to savor. I can sleep late years from now when I have an empty nest and my son no longer wants to play Pokemon with me. (Though I made it clear to him, this isn't going to become a regular routine) Still, I'm all for blogger Amy Dunkin's idea of trying to get marketers to package sleep in a bottle.

So, have you ever had a Pokoman moment -- on a date, at a party, with your kids or co-workers -- when you went into the situation with a bad attitude and later realized it was a worthwhile way to spend your time after all? Should we leave ourselves open to Pokemon moments or is our off-the-clock play and sleep time too valuable?


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