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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Stressed? Stay away from checkout lines

A new study shows the average American woman could lose 4.1 lbs a year simply from resisting the urge to purchase impulse items such as chocolate candies, salty snacks, and soda once they are in the checkout line, according to a new study from IHL Consulting Group. These are just the kind of foods I grab at the checkout line when I'm stressed or trying to fit too much into my day and don't have time for a healthy meal. Junk-on-the-go, isn't that the side effect of our 24/7 days?

Men do the checkout grab, too. The study shows American men could lose 3.1 pounds from resisting the urge to buy junk items at checkout. The worst at this is men under the age of 25 years old whose caloric impulse buys cause them to consume enough calories each year for an additional eight more pounds.

I plan to take the advice of the experts. Instead of heading for the checkout line next time I'm stressed or time-pressed, I'll opt for the self-checkout. The study shows impulse purchases among women drop 32.1 percent and men 16.7 percent when self-checkout is used because those counters aren't as merchandised.

Are you guilty of skipping meals because you get too busy and filling up on junk instead? Is your new year's resolution to stop doing this working? Many working people hit the drugstore or supermarket on the way home from work. That makes you vulnerable to the checkout line grab. Have you come up with creative solutions?


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