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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Is Lipstick Jungle make believe?

Last Friday, my friend Beth and I had planned to have lunch. But between deadlines and school pick ups, we had a "relaxing" 10 minute lunch together eating takeout in front of a deli. So when I watch the new breed of TV shows (Lipstick Jungle, Cashmere Mafia and Big Shots) they makes me wonder: How do these execs at the top of their game have time to pal around with friends on a regular basis?

Lipstick Jungle, which appears the biggest hit of the bunch, is about three women who have risen to the tops of their chosen professions while remaining good friends/confidantes/advisors. While these shows are supposed to be soapy primetime fun, they spark a certain disbelief about how much time friends get in the work-life balance equation. In Big Shots, the four men run big companies, have spouses or girlfriends, and still have time to pal around on the links or at the sauna a few times a week.

When Nataly at Work it asks on her blog how often working moms went out during an average month with friends the answers ranged from not at all to once a week. Which leaves me to wonder, is the Lipstick Jungle make believe? Or are these execs just better at keeping up with friends than most business people trying to do it all?


Anonymous Lily said...

First of all, I like Lipstick Jungle the least because it's the least credible. At least Cashmere Mafia goes into more detail about the problems they have at work and how they deal with their family life. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who noticed how much time the friends spend together. It took me over a month to get a couple of friends together for lunch last week in Miami. I can't imagine it happening in a bigger city like NYC where people are always in an extreme rush.

2:02 PM  
Blogger Cindy Goodman said...


Even if it took a couple of months to get friends together for lunch, wasn't it well worth it? I've discovered getting together with girlfriends is one of the best ways to spend my time. Thanks for your post. Cindy

10:43 AM  
Anonymous Lily said...

Of course, sometimes having time with friends is exactly what's needed to get away from all the other stresses in life. =)

2:05 PM  

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