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Monday, February 18, 2008

Looking for balancing during a job search

I am one of those workers who consider work/life balance as important as compensation when considering a job offer. But I had worked a few years before bringing up the topic with my boss. It appears, I'm a dinosaur.

Today, job seekers want to know about work-life balance before they sign on. According to a new Hudson survey, nearly a third (29 percent) of U.S. workers now consider work-life balance and flexibility to be the most important factor in considering job offers.

"Money will always be important to people, but in this age of Internet powered remote access where there are so many virtual options, employees place a much higher premium on flexible work arrangements," said Robert Morgan, co-president of Recruitment and Talent Management, Hudson.

This study also confirmed what most of us know -- the job we fill often differs from the polished version presented during an interview -- especially when there's a promise of flexibility. Hudson found one in five (20 percent) workers said that the position they accepted did not quite match up with the job they heard about during their interview.

Have you brought up the topic of work-life balance during a job interview? What was the reaction?


Anonymous career said...

That's exactly what I came across after I've been hired by a small IT company. I've been told about an 8-hour working day. What I've got now is really something different, although I asked this question during the interview and the answer was 8 hours. And when you get home about 8-9 in the evening it's hardly possible to speak about any balance. But the most interesting thing for me is that I can't say I don't like it all. It somehow demonstrates your importance, so to speak. Maybe, I'm a workaholic or I don't know, actually.

8:44 AM  

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