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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Who buys the roses on Valentine's Day?

Who is buying the roses this Valentine's Day? That might be a subject of negotiation in more households this year, especially as more women continue to out-earn their man.

This week, I interviewed about a dozen high-earning women. Here are some of their thoughts on how they make their business and marriages work.

Christina Noelle of MCZ Development, mother of two, travels between Miami and Chicago to oversee operations of her company. Her husband, a salesman, left the workforce -- at least for now -- to care for their young children. Noelle says, she and her longtime husband make it work by being respectful of each other. "You have to talk a lot. None of it is easy. Everything is a negotiaton...who does the laundry, who picks up the kids, who drops off the dry cleaning.''

Julie Neitzel, president of Miami's GenSpring Family Offices: on Valentine's Day married 25 years, had this to say: "You have to be partners, every has to give a little. " Neitzel who at times has had an intense travel schedule says when her husband needs to pick up more he does, when she is in town, she does her share. Neitzel points out that work/life balance is tough for everyone and that at any time, job situations can change. "It's not easy for anyone man or woman these days. You do the best you can and be prepared to regroup."

Here's the link to my TV on appearance, talking about female breadwinners.


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