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Monday, January 28, 2008

Benefits or salary?

Let me start by being realistic. We all want to earn more money. But if that's not going to happen, we at least want some perks. I have just spent two intense months looking at benefits offered by large employers in South Florida. What I discovered is most want desperately to be called "One of the Best Places to Work" Earning that distinction doesn't always cost an employer much. It just requires some open-minded thinking.

We want perks that make our lives easier. And for the most part, companies are starting to react. Here are the four basic areas I address in my reports and the trends in those areas.

* HEALTH CARE --- Employers are desperate to find ways to cut their health care costs. That means making employees pay more of the costs, beefing up wellness and disease management programs. See article.

* RETIREMENT SAVINGS -- Traditional pension is going away. Employers here are offering 401Ks and they are generous with matching workers' contributions. See article.

* VACATION -- Don't expect employers to get more generous with vacation time. Instead they are creating Paid Time Off banks, which benefit workers who had let their sick time go unused. See article

* WORK/LIFE -- Lots of companies are piloting or considering formal flexible work arrangements. This benefit doesn't cost them any dollars and cents and creates good will. See article.

Here's a link to the charts we ran on line that shows how employers stacked up. The ability to work a flex schedule keeps me at my workplace. Let me know what benefits you think are most important.


Blogger Searcher12 said...

It's good advice, but hard to take. I've had a job of some sort since 8th grade. Now as a chemist I'm in the job market again. Searching for a good job is an 8 hour a day job, and you better be prepared for the long haul. You can follow my adventures at http://the

good luck and stay safe........

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