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Friday, January 11, 2008

Working parents and My Space

As a working parent, one of the biggest challenges I face is supervising my children's computer and video game usage -- particularly when I'm at work.

I haven't faced the My Space requests -- yet --- but I know they are coming. For now, just controlling who my kids are talking to on Instant Messaging is a chore. I have asked the babysitter to limit their leisure computer time to one hour in the afternoons and I insist on peeking at the screen every once in a while when I come home and they are instant message. Still, maintaining control isn't easy and my kids aren't always forthcoming when I question them about their online conversations or try to look over their shoulder. I really enjoyed a column by Ralph De La Cruz debating whether to allow his son to get a My Space page.

Recently, I have had co-workers complain to me about their teens' grades slipping because they are unsupervised after school and spend too much time playing video games instead of doing homework.

I'm curious about your experiences. Do you have any rules for use of technology while you are at work? What about when you are at home? Do your kids resent when you get home from work and try to put an end to their video game playing or computer use?


Blogger Kevin said...

Hi Cindy, I work with teens professionally and deal with the MySpace issue a lot with pre-teens, teens and parents. My take reflects what I've observed from working directly with young people.

My work site is www,, and a section right on the lower right side of the Home Page takes you a section on Internet Safety, etc. You might find ut useful to check it out.

12:40 PM  
Anonymous John said...

I don't know whether there is a fixed rule for controlling our children or denying their access to My Space. My way of treating my children is just show them something better than computer. It may be books, Activity games, skills developing or anything which they have interested...
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10:07 AM  

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