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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Gender Gap and the holidays

What a great crack up piece by Dave Barry today about the gender gap during the holidays. Dave insists women complain about all the stuff they have to do and claims they inflict stress on themselves that men just don't have.

"On any given day during the holidays, my wife wraps more presents than I have wrapped in my entire life." As a wife, I must say Dave makes a valid point.

We do inflict stress on ourselves -- it's part of the insane notion that we must do it all --- PERFECTLY. Let's face it, how many men really care about buying presents for their child's teacher and wrapping it with sparkly bows.

I enjoy complaining to my husband about how much is on my to-do list. Most women do. So just go along with our insanity. Tell us how great we are for "doing it all" We're not blaming you for what you don't do, we're seeking some appreciation!


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