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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Why do employees leave? Stress.

Stress is the number one reason workers quit, says a new study by Watson Wyatt. But it's not even on the list of the top five reasons employers give for losing workers. Does that surprise you?

What's even more interesting is that very few employers offer stress management programs. Kathie Lingle, director of WorldAtWork says, "It would make business sense for employers to start offering them, but they need to go beyond yoga and massage to actually delve into work processes and culture to figure out potential causes of pressure."

What's causing worker stress? Kathy thinks it may be lack of supervisor support, inadequate feedback and workload or scheduling issues. So the question today is, "What's causing your stress at work?'' and "Does your boss have a clue?"

My neighbor left his high powered job a year ago, and still hasn't returned to the workforce. I see him shuttling kids around, puttering in his yard, and looking much younger for his age than most working men. Not sure how he's making ends meet but he sure looks good.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As someone who's both a boss and a stressed out middle manager, I wonder what does "supervisor support" mean? does that mean the supervisor forces the employee to work overtime? Sets unreasonable demands? Doesn't understand the workload that's involved? One of the biggest issues I have personally is being able to lower my expectations for myself a bit and say, good is good enough.

6:32 PM  
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