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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Working parents beware of January

Don't get me wrong, I love vacation days with my kids. And I realize that school is not meant to be daycare. But if you've looked at the Miami-Dade and Broward public school calendar for January, it's downright frightening and a threat to our work/life balance. Here's a link to the calendar.
What you should know is that your kids will have eight days off in January. (8 days!) For parents who work full-time, it can be tough to find short-term supervision for school-age children. And, older children will argue to be left home alone, which sometimes can really disrupt your workday.
Even though my employer usually has on-site holiday camps, most don't. It may be difficult to take time off so early in the year, especially when you've just taken holiday vacation. This is the time to befriend a non-working mom and cut a deal. Or work out an arrangement with your spouse to each take some time off. I've noticed some after-care providers at the public schools are offering special camps. How do you manage your kids time off, when you don't have any?


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