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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Get Paid What You're Worth

Gas prices have shot up. Housing is a fortune. And now, the holidays will tug at our budgets. But for one woman I recently met, seeking a raise wasn't only about her need to earn more, it was about earning what she's worth.
Pam, a banker, suspected she was underpaid. Couple that with the fact that her son goes to an expensive school and she realized she no longer could stay quiet.
So, here's how she handled it:
* Research. She re-read her last evaluation to figure out how she looked within eyes of the people in her organization.
* Do an online salary search. She looked at what other businesses in her industry were paying for her skills.
* Check out job postings within your own organization. She looked for job openings at her bank, even in other offices. She answered those postings, and asked about expectations and salary.
* Take your research to the boss. Pam told her boss she needed to earn more and was willing to take on more responsibility. She presented him the salaries for jobs that require the skills she has.
* Don't give an ultimatum, just present the facts. Pam emphasized what she brings to the table and why she was undervalued. Her boss gave her some additional responsibility and an $18,000 raise.
Pam told me this story when I met her at a NetWeaving program put on by the United Way Women's Leadership. Great group. Amazing program! A topic is posed to the women who break into group discussion. The topic was "What was your biggest obstacle in the last week and how did you overcome it?" I loved the way Pam tackled an concern that trips up so many women. Let me hear your thoughts.


Blogger joel said...

Did any of the additional duties that justified an $18000 raise require the removal of her clothing?

7:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joel,the only thing removed were the blinders from the eyes of the manager who would have to perform the duties himself if she left.

12:44 PM  
Blogger review said...

I liked the approach of palm, she did home work instead of getting panic and shared details with the boss. Everyone should follow her and made themselves worth instead of getting tensed.

6:42 AM  

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