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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Do women take more sick days than men?

Blogger Elena Centor writes: The latest research does little to calm the gender wars in Corporate America because it finds that all women--regardless of marital status,age, or whether they have children, take more sick days then their male colleagues. American researchers are scratching their heads trying to attribute why women in the U.S. take more sick days. They have no solid explanation.

Elena writes, ""Maybe its our philosophy about sick days. It's like seeing the very expensive pair of shoes you've been coveting all season on deep discount and walking away without buying them. Who would do that?
If a company has factored in your sick days into their bottom line calculations, why shouldn't you take the time you are entitled to?

Good point Elena.

On the other hand, Monster blogger Bryan is dreading the onset of flu season as he anticipates that over the next few months, sneezing and hacking coworkers will continue to come to the office. (are these mostly men?) Bryan feels knowingly bringing flu germs into the workplace is both dumb and inconsiderate.

I wonder if with men, it's an ego issue. You know, they want to think they are too important to miss a day of work. What are your thoughts?


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