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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Who gets to the top?

Can a person on the life side of the work/life balance equation make it to the top?
This is a question Vicki Meyer asks in this month's Florida CPA Today. She makes some great points about younger workers' expectations of work/life balance and the climb to the top.
She says, "When the people at the top of a profession have risen there through hard work, they have certain expectations for those to whom they would pass the reins. If you are someone who wants to rise to the top, your fate is in their hands."
Meyer gives some advice to young CPAs that anyone in business should consider. First, use common sense when it comes to scheduling time off work -- don't schedule vacation during the firm's busiest time of the year. Next, produce a good work product. She says old CPAs aren't really concerned that you tried hard and that you are a good person. Do good work and, exhibit some degree of humility when you miss the mark. Also, know your profession. Stay current with business trends and become an expert at something. Commit to your organization. Volunteer for leadership roles within the firm, even when you are striving for balance. It lets the firm know you care.
Remember, Meyer writes, work/life balance has to have both aspects -- work and life. The life portion requires hard work as well.


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