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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bring your parents to work day

Too old to bring your mommy to work? Not.
Ogilvy PR is hosting a “Bring Your Parents to Work Day” at its New York headquarters. Who else but a PR firm would come up with such a great way to get some attention for being family-friendly.
The firm says its employees find their parents are often confused about PR, even though they are exposed to it every day when they read a great review about a new product. So Ogilvy saw an opportunity for the company to illustrate the connection, while strengthening its ties to its employees -- and maybe generating some good publicity for itself at the same time.
As part of the day’s festivities, parents will attend a classroom-style PR 101 lesson, receive an overview of the core business practices of Ogilvy PR, and engage in a brainstorm session and mock presentation.
“Ogilvy PR has created its own family of hard-working, passionate employees,” said Kate Cronin, managing director, Ogilvy PR, New York. “Ideally, through this event, parents will gain a deeper understanding for our industry so they can better appreciate the successes and accomplishments that their children achieve every day.”
Will a "Take Your Parent to Work Day" be the next corporate trend?


Anonymous Susan St. Louis said...

I instituted "Bring Your Parent to Work Day" in the Corning Painted Post School District in 1997. This is a project of the Corning Teacher Association in Corning, NY. We have enjoyed 10 years of experiencing sharing the joy of teaching with our own parents. I will send you news clippings of coverage of our events.
Susan St Louis, retired art teacher, Corning -Painted Post.

9:40 PM  

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