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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Great tip from working mom

Last week, I soaked up some great advice from women executives at an event sponsored by Burger King Corp. One of the best tips came from Elsie Romero, mother of 2 daughters and general counsel for Restaurant Services Inc. in Miami (the purchasing agent for Burger King)

Elsie, an attorney, has that can-do attitude. When her oldest daughter entered first grade, she realized, doing it all (school, activities, homework and a career) was going to be tricky. She wanted some help without feeling guilty for asking. So she reached out to other parents in her daughter's class, some who work, others who don't. She suggested, "How about we take some pressure off and help each other - with no baggage attached?'' Then she sent out an e-mail, "I'm driving my daughter to Suzie's birthday party this weekend, let me know if any of you want me to take your child."

Elsie says the others quickly reciprocated, offering to take her daughter to the upcoming Girl Scout meeting or soccer practice. Now, her oldest is in sixth grade and the group still shares the driving, "We all have time constraints and have figured out a way to help each other," she says, "It gives us all some breathing room."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What exactly is new about this, other than possibly the aspect of using e-mail instead of phones or feet to communicate? Mothers have done this for generations.

Only an ego extraordinaire would present this as innovative, and only a mighty gullible or lazy writer would buy into it and insult readers with such tripe

Of course mothers carpool and share responsiblities with others. Duh!

9:19 AM  
Anonymous Elizabeth said...

Step away from the caffeine, anonymous.

Anyway, I think the point is that parents are reaching out to people they may not have already known before in order to work together.

At my kids' school, there is a working parent group who meets on a regular basis, and, people have worked together to solve childcare or transportation issues, etc.

9:27 AM  

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