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Monday, December 03, 2007

Definition of sick day?

You're feeling kind of spent this time of year. Maybe you need a day off to put your house in order. Must you be sick to take a sick day?
Experts say it depends on who you work for and how they view sick time. Workplace author Carrie Mason-Draffen says because federal laws don't require sick days, individual companies set their own policies.
*Some companies will fire you for calling in sick and then being spotted in a shopping mall or at a baseball game. They expect you to use your sick days only when you are too sick to work.
* Some companies have given up trying to police employees' use of sick time. They are generous with their sick policies and consider sick days as flexible time to use for personal needs.
* Some companies even make you forfeit your sick days if you don't use them. But remember excellent attendance and honesty may be rewarded with promotions and wage increases.
Bottom line, be smart when calling in sick and think about how you boss or customer is going to react!


Anonymous Lad from Long Island said...

Hey, Cindy -- thanks for picking up something from my wife's Newsday workplace column! You'll be interested to know that her "off the job" life is very similar to yours (including having 3 kids -- 1 girl, 2 boys -- and exercising regularly)!
Google Alerts led me to your blog, by the way.
Mr. Carrie Mason-Draffen

1:12 PM  

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