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Monday, November 26, 2007

You Tube Goes Corporate

Great piece in Forbes Magazine on corporations using videos to cut through the distractions of office life and boost morale. It turns out we love videos -- at home and at work.
The article mentions that Nestle asked five marketing team to produce short videos that would showcase their business savvy and creativity. They showed the videos at its annual marketing summit and captivated the crowd. Now, Nestle is considering launching a video series featuring former interns for use in recruiting.
Another big corporation, Gensler, has its own TV channel called GTV. Colleagues interview each other and publicize new projects. The company calls it an in-house hit with 2,900 employees tuning in on their PCs.
Most of us in the media business know that videos online are THE future of news delivery. People watch videos on their computer screens throughout the day, from their cubicles and their bedrooms. For most of us, the appeal is the common Joe gets to be a star. Would corporate involvement kill the appeal? I say, not if employees have control of the footage. Your thoughts?


Anonymous Lad from Long Island said...

What a great idea! I'm in the newspaper business, and while we're all going gaga over trying to get more video content out to our readers (viewers?), we've sadly overlooked the in-house potential.
It seems that most papers don't bother to try to improve staff skills much anymore, but perhaps by incorporating something like instructional video-on-demand, or podcasts, we could do something good!

1:06 PM  

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