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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Battle corporate burnout with spa retreat

Westglow Resort & Spa has come up with a great marketing piece that grabbed my attention: the ultimate way to battle corporate burnout -- a spa retreat. The resort in Blowing Rock, North Carolina (which just received the distinction of being named the number one Bourtique Spa in the World!) has come up with a four-day package to battle burnout and help you redisover meaning in your work. In between yoga classes, hikes and spa services, are classes in creating balance, time-management and self care. The package has a steep price tag -- $2395 (meals included). Battling burnout isn't cheap, but either is having a breakdown! Do you think companies should pay to send their executives on these type of retreats?


Anonymous Lily said...

I don't think companies will be open to paying for it, but I'm sure the HR teams encourage the trip for employees over long weekends. Some multinational firms do make sure that there executives take time off, but the majority of the lower level execs are stressed out for the most part.

Ideally we shouldn't NEED spa retreats, but it beats taking medicine to relax- i.e. Xanax and other pills doctors love to prescribe. Unlike the rest of America, I don't believe in taking sedatives to live a better life. I want to feel every twist and turn of it. But I do believe in taking time for myself, and after a stressful day at the office there is nothing better than a good kickboxing class or volunteering for a local charity every now and then.

And yes, leaving the corporate world for a few days in the mountains(and hopefully no cell phones or computers) sounds like a slice of heaven.

12:14 PM  
Anonymous Darrell Owens said...

Hi Cindy,
Do you think companies use spa retreats more as a reward for good work or as a means of easing the "corporate conscious" for over-working employees to the point of burnout?

Or put differently, when will work culture in America shift from a current state of the ban-aid approaches, to mindsets that recognize the value of nurturing a work environment where people thrive and never burn out?

Don't get me wrong, I am totally in support of corporate spa retreats, especially since I left the corporate retail world of a Fortune 100 company to enter into the skincare industry and start my own brand with a former co-worker.

I just wonder how many employees that have gone to such a retreat, if asked, would trade the spa treatments over greater overall work-life balance in their day-to-day?

2:58 AM  
Blogger Yoga Vimoksha said...

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