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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Why not offer good benefits?

I am really starting to wonder why companies don't offer more benefits. In tough economic times, I can understand why they don't dazzle us with big raises or lure new workers with fat salaries. But some of these benefits that help with work/life balance don't cost much and they really create loyalty.

Take on-site Weight Watchers classes, for example. Most companies -- large and small -- that offer this benefit make the employees pay for the classes. But by offering this convenience, employers score big. I am amazed by what the companies on Fortune's Best Places to Work list offer.

Are there risks? Are companies worried that an employees will twist an ankle during a lunchtime aerobics class? One of my colleagues says yes. But I really don't think that's what is stopping more from offering these perks. My guess is they just haven't put these benefits on their radar. My guess is as money gets tighter, more will expand their low-cost or no-cost offerings. Do you see companies getting more creative? What benefits outside of the basics do you think workers value most?

To see me talking live about benefits on CBS: click here to view.


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