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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Layoffs loom, so do new jobs

I'm starting to get newsletters and press releases predicting mass layoffs in 2008. According to, a company that helps employees negotiate severance deals or retirement packages, job cuts by major corporations will accelerate in 2008. The New York-based firm says it “has been inundated this month with telephone calls from employees at Bear Stearns, Chrysler, Citigroup, Covidien Healthcare, Ford, GM, Indy Mac and Sprint Nextel, [which] have announced plans for reductions-in-force in January.”

That's the bad news. But don't feel like you're stuck in your dead-end job with no prospects. Small-business owners are poised to add jobs. According to the Alternative Board, a Westminster, Colorado-based firm that provides advisory services, about 57 percent of the nation’s small businesses plan to hire more people in 2008. Less than 4 percent expect to downsize. Small firms also expect big things in 2008: Nearly 73 percent envision greater profitability, and 61 percent will increase their capital spending. That's good news for South Florida, where our local economy is made up mostly of small business. To read more about this trend in Workforce Management.


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